This virtual discussion series aims to address challenges and opportunities related to transit storage and maintenance facilities and the associated infrastructure and surrounding environment. These panel discussion sessions are educational in nature and provide an opportunity to learn, connect, and interact with others in the transit industry in a casual atmosphere.

Each webinar session is recorded and made available below.




Developing a Zero Emissions Integration Strategy Part 2: Design and Construction Phase Scenarios for New Build and Retrofit of Existing Transit Facilities

March 31, 2022

Presented by: Edward Wong (York Region), Shawn Strasman (Strasman Architects Inc.), Stephen Jones (Morrison Hershfield)

Moderated by: Duncan Pringle (Morrison Hershfield)

Part 2 of 2 sessions where our panelists will discuss strategies that can be done during the design and construction phases for both new build and retrofit of existing transit operations and maintenance facilities that can ensure your zero emission fleet integration can be both rational and scalable, guaranteeing the ability to deploy zero emissions vehicles at a larger scale further down the road while minimizing disruption of operations and facilities.

Starting with the outcomes of the planning work carried out by the Regional Municipality of York and York Region Transit (YRT), our panel discuss the evolution of the design for the Expansion and Retrofit of the YRT Bus Operations and Maintenance Facility in Richmond Hill, Ontario. Now that the project is in the construction phase, our panelists will discuss how the project vision – incorporating a phased approach to fleet electrification and the achievement, ultimately, of a facility having a “Net Zero” carbon footprint – is being delivered.

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Developing a Zero Emissions Integration Strategy Part 1: Planning Phase Scenarios for a New Build and Retrofit of Existing Transit Facilities

January 25, 2022 

Presented by: Erin Cooke (City of Edmonton), Paul Netzband (EquiCharge Solutions), Andres Baez (Morrison Hershfield)

Moderated by: Duncan Pringle (Morrison Hershfield)

Adapting to new technology by which various types of vehicle fleets are operated and supported can be challenging, given the 24/7 nature of many fleet operations. Many fleet operators make a similar misstep in their transition to zero-emissions vehicles by skipping the research and planning steps at the beginning.

Our panel of industry professionals discuss how to create a clear fleet integration strategy from the beginning of a project planning phase for both new build transit maintenance and retrofit of existing facilities scenarios.

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Green Building Standards and Certifications: What do they mean for transit facilities?

November 10, 2021

Presented by: Rebecca Newlove (District of Saanich),  Kurt Steiner (U.S Green Building Council), Scott Smith (Metrolinx)

Moderated by: Chris Yates (Morrison Hershfield)

There are a number of green building standards, certifications, and rating systems available that help guide, demonstrate, and document efforts to deliver a sustainable and high-performing transit facility. It can be challenging and time consuming to determine which green building certification or rating system is most credible and applicable to a particular facility project.

Our panelists discuss why it may be important for you to pursue a green building rating or certification and the associated benefits.

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Reducing Impacts of Transit Facilities on their Communities and the Environment

September 8, 2021

Presented by: Clark Gunter (Clark Gunter & Associates), Jason MacDonald (Toronto Transit Commission), Katie Hamilton (Tavola Strategy Group)

Moderated by: Andrew Harkness (Morrison Hershfield)

Improving transit systems includes investing in transit facilities that are industrial in nature, operate 24/7 and occupy significant acreage. They can be the subject of intense scrutiny due to their potential impact on surrounding communities and the environment.

Our panel discusses the importance of understanding of the benefits of big picture decision-making early on in a project to optimize sustainability, help reduce costs and address community concerns related to new transit facility infrastructure investments.

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